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Polish clothing and footwear market increased in value by more than 2% in 2012  July 2013

en pl In 2012, clothing and footwear sales increased, albeit at a slower pace than in 2011, by more than 2% according to PMR estimates, and as a result the C&F market value amounted to almost PLN 29bn. PMR projects a further decline in the growth rate for 2013,

Nearly one in two adult Poles eat out at dining establishments  May 2013

en pl People go out for meals accompanying a special occasion for two main reasons: to get together with friends (64%) and to celebrate important events, such as anniversaries, birthdays, personal or professional successes, etc. (36%). In the case of ordinary,

Cosmetics market in Poland keeps growing – on average 4% until 2015  March 2013

en pl Over the last five years (2007-2012) the cosmetics market in Poland grew by almost PLN 4.6bn (€1.1bn). At the same time the turnover of health and beauty care chains rose by PLN 3.9bn (€1bn), while the revenue of Rossmann itself hiked by PLN

Medium-sized cities – a significant potential on the retail map of Poland  March 2013

en pl In 2011 the employment level in medium-sized cities was 295 per 1,000 inhabitants or 29.5%, compared to 30.4% for all towns and cities and 22.4% for Poland as a whole. On average, in the examined cities the unemployment level is somewhat higher than

Nivea known to 97% cosmetics buyers in Poland, with brand awareness crucial for shopping decisions  February 2013

en pl According to a survey conducted by PMR in 2013, an attractive price is at the top of the list of factors vital when selecting the place of buying cosmetics, significant (important or very important) to 80% buyers. This contributes to the growing share

Private label gains in value in Poland  December 2012

en pl According to estimations included in the PMR report entitled “Private label in Poland 2012. Market analysis and development forecasts for 2012-2014”, the value of the private label market increased by 18%, thus reaching almost PLN 29bn (€7bn)

2% growth of retail market of home appliances, consumer electronics and digital media in Central Europe in 2012  December 2012

en The retail market of home appliances, consumer electronics and digital media in Central Europe was worth €12.2bn in 2011. According to projections presented in PMR’s latest report “Retail market of home appliances, electronics and digital
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