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PMR articles available in PDF format contain expert market analyses, forecasts and commentaries on retail and FMCG market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Private labels in Poland: wider offer, better quality  May 2008

en pl The private label market in Poland continues to grow very dynamically. Retailers which have been selling products under their names for a long time now are expanding their private label range, while other players, such as Polish supermarket chains and

Ukrainian retail market – time running out for early entrants  May 2008

en For a long time, the Ukrainian retail sector has remained somewhat removed from the forces of globalisation and regionalisation. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in the 90s, domestic companies – not necessarily the most efficient –

Polish luxury food and beverage market: luxury upswing  May 2008

en pl Most Polish consumers are still highly price sensitive and disclose that they are not swayed by brands in their shopping decisions. Nevertheless, the group of clients with bigger wallets, for whom high quality, product brand and breadth of assortment are

Sieci detaliczne wchodzą na rynek telefonii komórkowej  Maj 2008

pl Rośnie liczba firm zainteresowanych debiutem na rynku telefonii komórkowej w Polsce. Są wśród nich również największe sieci detaliczne. Nie jest to zaskoczeniem, biorąc pod uwagę, że jednym z głównych czynników sukcesu MVNO jest rozpoznawalna marka i odpowiednia

Markety budowlane DIY umacniają pozycję na rynku wyposażenia wnętrz w Polsce  Maj 2008

pl Coraz większa oferta dekoracyjna w sklepach sieci DIY oraz ich dynamiczna ekspansja na terenie kraju sprawiają, iż markety budowlane stają się coraz istotniejszym kanałem dystrybucji artykułów wyposażenia wnętrz w Polsce.

Poles furnish their homes  March 2008

en pl The furniture and home furnishings industry is enjoying prosperous times in Poland. Polish consumers attach more significance to their homes, and – as a consequence - show growing interest in furniture and other home furnishings. Although many specialist

Central and Eastern European markets - attractive but difficult territories  March 2008

en Although Central and Eastern European markets are in different stages of development and saturation, they continue to offer some of the most promising markets for retailers. Overall, Central European markets have already, more or less, matured and, in
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