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PMR articles available in PDF format contain expert market analyses, forecasts and commentaries on retail and FMCG market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Polish trade closes ranks  February 2008

en To cope with the strong competition among supermarket and discount stores, more and more small-format shops join large, nation-wide networks, to lower their spending related to logistics and supply. In parallel to integration of retail outlets, wholesale

One more spectacular takeover in Polish retail: another discounter to leave the market  December 2007

en Following the withdrawal of Leader Price at the turn of 2006 and 2007, another discount store operator is leaving the Polish market. German company Tengelmann, which has gradually been selling off its Plus Discount operations on foreign markets, decided

E-commerce gathers pace, first e-tailers listed on stock exchange  October 2007

en pl With rapidly growing internet access, more and more Poles treat the world wide web as a convenient shopping venue. Among the 2,500 internet stores, there stands out a group of medium-sized businesses large enough to be listed on the stock exchange.

A year of growth and consolidation  August 2007

en pl The value of the clothing and footwear market expanded by a notable 10 % in 2006. The market will keep growing strongly this year and beyond, although the momentum will ease slightly. Last year also saw first signs of consolidation in the sector, which

Romania attracts retailers  April 2007

en In 2006 alone, three Western European retail chains debuted in Romania. Nevertheless, the market is only just beginning to gather momentum. According to PMR’s calculations, in 2007 international retail companies are to invest €700m in Romania,

The rapidly changing premium coffee bar market in Poland  March 2007

en The Polish coffee bar market is developing and becoming more sophisticated, as Polish customers ‘get educated’ and gradually change their coffee drinking habits. While the existing coffee vendors develop their networks, new entrants are increasingly

Consumer lending in Central and Eastern Europe  December 2006

en Over the previous ten years east-central and eastern Europe has seen the rapid development of modern consumer-oriented banking. At the end of the 1990s, automatic teller machines appeared with debit cards and credit cards, alongside older forms of credit
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