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PMR articles available in PDF format contain expert market analyses, forecasts and commentaries on retail and FMCG market in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.

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Poland: Grocery retailers are offline  August 2004

en, the world’s largest online grocer, announced at the beginning of the current year that it had generated over GBP 500m in annual online grocery sales. Industry statistics show now receives far more visitors to its site than the

Poland: Non-food retailers expand; foreign companies dominate  June 2005

en The Polish non-food retail outlook over the next few years is promising, with a lower proportion of consumer income spent on food products. Retailer competition has been increasing which will lead to further consolidation with foreign retailers, who continue

Hypermarket rEvolution: Poland goes compact  December 2005

en According to the most recent PMR report, hypermarkets are the most dynamically developing contemporary distribution channel for groceries. The major force behind growth in this segment are so-called compact hypermarkets. Facing saturation and escalating

Poland: Problematic quality of private labels  December 2005

en The share of private labels in total merchandise sold in Poland is relatively small, due to various market-specific factors as well as customer preference. Market research shows, that Poles perceive private labels as cheap and of poor quality. In addition,

Sourcing in low cost countries  May 2006

en International companies are increasingly turning to Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) as a source of raw materials, components, finished products and staff. With GDP per capita and wages four to six times lower than in Western Europe, tariff free trade
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