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Survey of the Polish chain restaurant market: current situation and growth prospects  January 2009

en pl In late September and early October 2008, PMR Research, the market research department of PMR (, conducted a survey among 57 operators of restaurant-, bar- and coffee chains active on the Polish market. The objective of the study was

Sprzedaż hurtowa artykułów spożywczych w Polsce przekroczy 170 mld zł w 2008 roku  grudzień 2008

pl Według naszego raportu pt. „Handel hurtowy artykułami spożywczymi w Polsce 2008” wartość hurtowego rynku spożywczego przekroczy 170 mld zł w 2008 roku, co będzie oznaczać wzrost równy 15% w porównaniu do dynamiki 14% zanotowanej w roku 2007.

Value of the Polish grocery wholesale market to exceed PLN 170bn in 2008  December 2008

en According to our latest report “Grocery wholesale in Poland 2008” value of the grocery wholesale market in Poland will exceed PLN 170bn in 2008, up by 15% year on year, in comparison with 14% growth in 2007. In 2009 grocery wholesale will

Spożywczy handel detaliczny w Polsce w dobie kryzysu  grudzień 2008

pl Pomimo spowolnienia gospodarczego, spożywczy rynek detaliczny w Polsce będzie rozwijać się w tempie blisko 6% w latach 2009-2011. Wyraźnie uwidacznia się rosnąca koncentracja rynku, w 2008 roku na 20 wiodących detalistów przypadało już ponad 40% obrotów.

Poland's grocery market at a time of crisis  December 2008

en In spite of the economic slowdown, the retail grocery market in Poland will expand at a rate of nearly 6% in the period 2009-2011. The progressing concentration of the market is becoming increasingly evident, with over 40% of revenues generated by the

Growing range of added services in Polish grocery stores  December 2008

en Grocery chains in Poland are ever expanding their offerings of added services. Some services, though they are intended to simply supplement the retailers’ core business of grocery sales, are becoming part of the standard offer of nearly every larger

Polish dermocosmetics market to expand to PLN 1bn by 2010  November 2008

en In 2007, the Polish dermocosmetics market was worth approximately PLN 570m (€151m), expanding by around 25% from 2006. According to our forecasts, in subsequent years it will continue to grow by over a dozen percent a year and may well be worth PLN
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